Remembering Alf


"Remembering Alf" is a scribble art inspired by Alf, my cat who passed away two years ago. Alf's from-feral-to-family adventure started back in 2012 when I took him in as a kitten and named him Bayn Alfardo "Alf" P. Therpell. 

Alf, a less than a month old tuxedo kitten, was sick and crying for his mother. The building caretaker must have known that I was adopting animals and carried him up the ninth floor for me to discover. After a couple of months of quarantine and medication, he finally recovered and was ready to face the world at 5 months old.

It was a  whole memorable six years with him despite all the challenges we've gone through together, along with the other animals I had adopted. We lived in a hostile neighborhood, endured personal predicaments and put up against animal abusers. I knew that with his frail body and many health complications, a time would come when I would have to bid him farewell. It was far from easy. I still miss him to this day.

Lila Marquez

Lila Marquez is a Filipino writer and artist. Also known as Armineonila M., she has written for various newspapers, magazines and journals. Her articles, poems, short stories, digital paintings and comic strips have also been published in several publications in the Philippines, Kuwait and abroad. Lila's artworks and art series have been displayed in art exhibitions in the USA, the UK, China and Germany.

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