8 x 8 inches
Digital Painting

Connections is a poetry embedded piece written in scribble art style. Each animal in the piece and the entire artwork represent the Earth's elements, i.e. earth, water, fire, air and aether, signifying that our ability to live in harmony is achievable only by working together. The poem is etched in the background to bring out the uniqueness that unite all elements and animals.

This piece is one of my entries to an exhibit organized by The Art of Compassion Project at the VegFest UK 2022 which was held on 12-13 November 2022 in London. The proceeds were equally divided between two animal sanctuaries namely, Lefty's Place and Greyton Farm Sanctuary in South Africa.

Lila Marquez

Lila Marquez is a Filipino writer and artist. Also known as Armineonila M., she has written for various newspapers, magazines and journals. Her articles, poems, short stories, digital paintings and comic strips have also been published in several publications in the Philippines, Kuwait and abroad. Lila's artworks and art series have been displayed in art exhibitions in the USA, the UK, China and Germany.

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