Animal Art Series I


Lines of Lila: Gentle Lullabies

Lines of Lila: Milking Innocence

Lines of Lila: Blood on the Nest

Lines of Lila: Waiting for a Better Home

Art for the Most Vulnerable 

What struck me the most while creating these pieces was my disbelief that I managed to pull off lighter compositions despite the grim realities screaming behind these sketches. These artworks are the closest to my heart as they depict the young and the most vulnerable among the animals. "Gentle Lullabies," "Milking Innocence," "Blood on the Nest," and "Waiting for a Better Home" sealed my decision to pursue art projects for the animals.

Lila Marquez

Lila Marquez is a Filipino writer and artist. Also known as Armineonila M., she has written for various newspapers, magazines and journals. Her articles, poems, short stories, digital paintings and comic strips have also been published in several publications in the Philippines, Kuwait and abroad. Lila's artworks and art series have been displayed in art exhibitions in the USA, the UK, China and Germany.

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