Sketching the baby

Lines of Lila: Lila and Lailan

Lila and Lailan by Lila Marquez (pencil on paper, 2018) 

I've finally reached the end of a long hiatus. Once again, I'm steering my way back the blogosphere, which seems to me like a memory long gone. I have, however, managed to work through a couple of sketches to ward off the blues.

Lines of Lila: Artwork in Progress
Artwork in progress by Lila Marquez (colored pencils on paper, 2017)

Even though the trip had all been spikes and sighs, I was still able to drive home a pocket-sized artwork in flesh and blood, a little human about to walk this bumpy road called life with me. So, I guess I'm up to more sketching, blogging, and mothering from now on.

Lailan by Lila Marquez (pencil on paper, 2018)


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Lila Marquez

Lila Marquez is a Filipino writer and artist. Also known as Armineonila M., she has written for various newspapers, magazines and journals. Her articles, poems, short stories, digital paintings and comic strips have also been published in several publications in the Philippines, Kuwait and abroad. Lila's artworks and art series have been displayed in art exhibitions in the USA, the UK, China and Germany.

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