Sketch: Almost Autumn

Lines of Lila: Almost Autumn

"Almost Autumn". Pencils on paper. Lila Marquez, 2017 

The pigeons looked down

Today, while feeding the pigeons from the balcony, I saw a street cleaner picked up the trash nearby. The desert sun mounted her shoulder, lingered for a while there, then bid her goodbye. I caught my own chest, my hand met the daylight. It was a relief.

I wish I've had the chance to tell the lady that misery will be over soon. It's been a long summer and the pigeons have flocked the oasis, leaving the breadcrumbs to the feral cats.

And then, we'll sit for an iced tea under a date tree.

Lila Marquez

Lila Marquez is a Filipino writer and artist. Also known as Armineonila M., she has written for various newspapers, magazines and journals. Her articles, poems, short stories, digital paintings and comic strips have also been published in several publications in the Philippines, Kuwait and abroad. Lila's artworks and art series have been displayed in art exhibitions in the USA, the UK, China and Germany.

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